Hunt Test in Jelcz-Laskowice

Ronja – Yukki Hill WAY AHEAD got 1st degree diploma with fantastic result 90/100 points. She was working 40 minutes in full sun but she did her best and proved the you mustn’t give up. Never!

Ronja on her hunt tes had to work with me because her real owner, beloved friend and trainer couldn't be with us that day. I'm moved that this typical dog of one owner was working with me with such a great result showing her love and friendship.

We would like to say a big thank you to my sister for all her support and we are very sorry because of your dirty car!


National Dog Show in Zabrze, judge: Jan Ryk (PL)

Greta – Yukki Hill TO KISS AND TO HUG won open class, got CAC and for dessert she become BEST OF BREED.


Greta & Ola

Greta - Best of Breed

Event Gallery

Crufts- Birmingham

For a Gordon Setter standing on green carpet in NEC it’s like a Wimbledon for tennis player. Till now there is only a very small group of polish setters who did it. 

 It was my dream to goon Crufts and my little devil Greta made my dream came true! Greta Was registered to huge yearling class. She was presented on ring by her handler Aleksandra Najsarek. Girls just did their best. Greta showed herself in fantastic way! The judge was looking at her very careful. It’s not strange because Greta has no English dog in her pedigree. And then..Yes!! Yukki Hill TO KISS AND TO HUG reserve in yearling class! What a moment! What a success!! The dream about green carpet just became a reality. We heard a lot of nice words About our Baby Greta. It seems she will have a brilliant future!


HERE you can watch Baby Greta on green carpet!