CACIB Wroclaw, judge Tadeusz Chwalny (PL)

It’s very important show on our list. Every year we have to be there!

Our girl did their best! Greta in champion class was the best. She got BOS and next CACIB. Ronja in open class got excellent 1 and CAC! It means that from today in our family we have next brand new Champion of Poland! Yukki Hill WAY AHEAD became Champion of Poland and she needed only a little bite more than half a year to do it! Good job Ronja!

But it’s not all. We took part with Ronja in traditional Woman and Dog competition. This time we put all our heart in preparation of our costume and even mum was helping us! Ronja showed fantastic sense of humor and played her new role very well. And yes! We did it again! This time as shepherd and lamb we won the Woman and Dog competition. We don’t know if there is someone else who did it year by year but we have already plan for next year.

Also Tiami had important role because she was with us to support her best friend Ronja so all our family spent fantastic day on show in our city


Thank you for your encouragement and applause, everybody! Special thanks and kisses for Ronja’s fans! You were great! 

CACIB Tulln, Austria

Greta - Yukki Hill TO KISS AND TO HUG in champion class got excellent 2 and resCAC. Greta opened Championship of Austria.

We spent nice time with our fiends but we couldn’t stay for second day because we wanted to come back for CACIB in our city.

Thanks for beautiful photos Joanna Pomorska.

Greta - Yukki Hill TO KISS AND TO HUG

Setters from Wroclaw - Greta & Muffin

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Holiday 2015

Greta took part in three CACIB range show in Lithuania with fantastic results. In tropical weather conditions Greta first and second day handled in ring by our friend Katerina Orlyk, got:

07.08.15 CACIB Dzukija Summer  exc.2 in open class and resCACIB  08.08.15 CACIB Druskininkai Cup'2015 exc.1 in champion class, CAC, BOS i CACIB.

Last day 09.08.15 she was handled by me and we got together exc. 1, CAC in champion class and resCACIB which became full CACIB. 


 Baby Greta did her best in hot summer sun and we could meet our friends which is most important on dog shows! After the shows we spent nice holidays at the Lithuanian seaside od Baltic.


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CAC Lubin

Greta – Yukki Hill TO KISS AND TO HUG first time in champion class got excellent 1, CAC and BOS. Judge liked her very much. Ronja – Yukki Hill WAY AHEAD in open class got excellent 1 and CAC. Judge also liked her but she didn’t like him at all.


CAC Lubin

CAC Lubin

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CACIB Warsaw

Greta showed by Gabrysia Szkodzińska was excellent 2 in open class. Then we spent nice moments at Black Ivy kennel and we took part in setter picnic which was fantastic event!


Article about this show has appeared in official newspaper of Polish Kennel Club.  Mrs Jadwiga Konkiel wrote some very nice words about our Baby Greta. You can read it HERE. Of course in polish.


Baby Greta & her rosette

Greta & Gabrysia

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